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Portrait of a Nude
Black Widow
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Colder than Here
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Under the Stars
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Crossed Lines
Conversations After a Burial
All At Sea
Ten Times Table
One Acts - <i>Midsummer Secrets</i>
Ding Dong
Speaking in Tongues
Top Girls
Families and Other Animals: An Evening of One Act Plays
Hay Fever
GHOST writer
Goody Two Shoes
Love and Marriage: An Evening of One Act Plays
The Edge of Darkness
Time of My Life
Post Horn Gallop
An evening of One Act Plays - The Droitwich Discovery / The Revival
Humble Boy
Perfect Wedding - Nov 2010
My Own Show - May 2010
Allo Allo - Feb/Mar 2010
A Letter from the General - Nov 2009
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Last year's diary dates

04/12/2018Post-prod (Salt of the Earth)
27/11/2018Opening night: Salt of the Earth
20/11/2018Pre-prod for Salt of the Earth
13/11/2018Acting Skills Workshop
06/11/2018Bangers & Bangers Bonfire Night
30/10/2018Hallowe’en Improv with props
23/10/2018Play reading
16/10/2018Auditions (Mr Wonderful)
09/10/2018Theatre outing: Equus at LMT
02/10/2018Readthrough (Mr Wonderful)
25/09/2018Let's Talk About Tech
18/09/2018Open Night - Come and learn about our forthcoming season
11/09/2018Play reading
04/09/2018Annual General Meeting
24/07/2018Party and Awards
17/07/2018Post Prod One Acts
10/07/2018One Acts Show Week
03/07/2018Pre Prod for One Acts
26/06/2018Pre AGM
19/06/2018Auditions for Salt of the Earth
12/06/2018Play reading
05/06/2018Salt of the Earth read through
29/05/2018Set Building
22/05/2018Games Night
15/05/2018Post Prod Portrait of a Nude
08/05/2018Production Week Portrait of a Nude
01/05/2018Pre Prod Portrait of a Nude
24/04/2018Play reading
17/04/2018Quiz Night with Tim
10/04/2018Theatre Visit to Lace Market Theatre
03/04/2018No Meeting - Easter Break
27/03/2018Auditions for One Act Plays
20/03/2018Set-building for Portrait of a Nude
13/03/2018Read Thru for One Acts
06/03/2018Post-prod for "Black Widow"
27/02/2018Production week: "Black Widow"
20/02/2018Pre-prod for "Black Widow"
13/02/2018“My Greatest Role”
06/02/2018AUDITIONS: "Portrait of a Nude" by Laura Shamas (directed by Jerome Foley)
30/01/2018Readthrough: "Portrait of a Nude" by Laura Shamas
23/01/2018Games Night
16/01/2018Theatre Visit to The Haunting at Lace Market
09/01/2018Play reading
19/12/2017Christmas PANTO!
12/12/2017Post-prod for "39 Steps"

All Meetings are held at the Studio Theatre, Stamford Road and commence at 7:45pm unless otherwise shown

Post-prod (Salt of the Earth)
Our regular look back at what went well and what didn't in the latest production.
Contact: Isi Dixon

Opening night: Salt of the Earth
First night of the first play of the season. Tickets on sale now.
Contact: Rob Dixon

Pre-prod for Salt of the Earth
Time to make the Studio spick'n'span for the audience.
Contact: Isi Dixon

Acting Skills Workshop
This is going to be great. Hayley Doherty will share real professional acting and character development tips. Not to be missed
Contact: Andy Bakewell

Bangers & Bangers Bonfire Night
Apparently it's a tradition around this time. Only some of the bangers are sausages.
Contact: Andy Bakewell

Hallowe’en Improv with props
So for example - take a pumpkin and tell a scary story
Contact: Penny Lewin

Play reading
Come along and read a play that we are considering for next year
Contact: Ritchie Sharpe

Auditions (Mr Wonderful)
Your chance to star: auditions for the Feb 2019 Play
Contact: Penny Lewin

Theatre outing: Equus at LMT
Nothing at the Studio Theatre: we're off to see our friends at LMT
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Readthrough (Mr Wonderful)
A chance to read through the play for February 2019
Contact: Penny Lewin

Let's Talk About Tech
Your views on making tech rehearsals better
Contact: Rob Dixon

Open Night - Come and learn about our forthcoming season
Season Launch
Contact: TBC

Play reading
Details tbc
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Annual General Meeting
(Members only)
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Party and Awards
In Bridgford Park field, (behind Robinson house). Come any time after 6.30pm
Bring drink, food, rug, sunglasses etc
Contact: Chris Robinson

Post Prod One Acts
In the Studio (but maybe with drinks on the patio after)
Contact: Rosie Farrow

One Acts Show Week
Come and see the show. Good luck to cast and crew.
Buy tickets
Contact: Box Office

Pre Prod for One Acts
Clean, hoover, scrub. Get the place ready for paying customers
Contact: Rosie Farrow

Tell us how you want the society to change
You can also propose things for the AGM
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Auditions for Salt of the Earth
Wanted: At least 3 male and 3 female
Contact: Rob Dixon

Play reading
Read thru plus social for a summer's day
Contact: Lynn Burges

Salt of the Earth read through
Read thru of the play for November 2018
Scripts available on the day
Contact: Rob Dixon

Set Building
Painting, making furniture, moving walls. Maybe??
Contact: Andy Bakewell

Games Night
Chris will bring a selection (trains and humanity might feature)
Contact: Chris Robinson

Post Prod Portrait of a Nude

Production Week Portrait of a Nude
Contact: Box Office

Pre Prod Portrait of a Nude
Contact: Vic Carr

Play reading
Maybe a play we might do - who knows
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Quiz Night with Tim
Tim's amazing quiz.
Contact: Chris Robinson

Theatre Visit to Lace Market Theatre
To see Otherwise Engaged
Contact: Lace Market Box Office

No Meeting - Easter Break

Auditions for One Act Plays
Auditions for Dear Lily and Tissue
Contact: Lynn Burges

Set-building for Portrait of a Nude
Contact: Lynn Burges

Read Thru for One Acts
Read thru for Dear Lily and Tissue, the plays for July 2018
Contact: Lynn Burges

Post-prod for "Black Widow"
Did we do well?
Contact: Malcolm Todd/Annie Haley

Production week: "Black Widow"
Get your tickets!
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Pre-prod for "Black Widow"
Scrub scrub, polish polish, hoover hoover...
Contact: Malcolm Todd

“My Greatest Role”
Wait and see...
Contact: Rob Dixon

AUDITIONS: "Portrait of a Nude" by Laura Shamas (directed by Jerome Foley)
Performance dates: 8-12 May.
Contact: Jerome Foley/Dawn Cochrane

Readthrough: "Portrait of a Nude" by Laura Shamas
Pre-audition readthrough for our May play.
Contact: Jerome Foley/Lynn Burges

Games Night
There will be many games!
Contact: Andy Bakewell

Theatre Visit to The Haunting at Lace Market
Lets go and see a play. Book your own tickets. Studio Closed
Contact: Malcolm Todd

Play reading
Read thru of a play we may do next season
Contact: Rob Dixon

Christmas PANTO!
Traditional WBDS pre-Christmas fun with traditional Jerome Foley panto for everyone to join in.
Contact: Lynn Burges

Post-prod for "39 Steps"
What went well, what might be done better...
Contact: Rosie Farrow/Lynn Burges

The next production is:

Mr Wonderful

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